Writer & Director – Andy Hamilton & Guy Jenkin“Natalie is a joy to work with. She manages the fantastically difficult job of creating character studies with costume while keeping the characters completely real.”

Director – Ben Kellett“Having never worked with Natalie before Kate & Koji I have been hugely impressed with her work. Each character was given her full consideration and she came up with several options for each, no matter how small the part. Her attention to detail and eye for character have blown me away.”

Producer – Debs Pisani“I have worked with Natalie, on many shows and have always found her to be very creative and follows the brief she is given to the letter. She goes out of her way to get the job done. There have been times when she is thrown a last minute curve ball and she never panics just adapts to the situation and offers up a good solution. She has a wonderful caring and supportive nature towards the cast and an absolute team player with the other production crew. It’s always a pleasure to have Natalie on a production. “

Director – Declan Lowney“If I had a pound for every time I’ve worked with Natalie Rogers, I would have enough money for a very swanky meal at The Ritz. We have worked together on literally hundreds of jobs. Why do we keep coming back? And back? Because Nat gets it, she knows what’s needed, and sorts it out without all the fuss and that malarkey that so often goes on. And the results are always great! It’s like she can read your mind. Which is remarkable because even I’m not sure what’s in there at times… So for my money, Nat has the Knack. And you can keep your swanky meal at The Ritz… | Feb 2020″

Writer & Director – Freddie Hall“I have had the great pleasure of working with Natalie as an Assistant Director on multiple commercials and as a Director on my latest film. Her attention to detail, creative spark and infectious energy is the perfect addition to any project. I look forward to working with her again very soon.”

Producer – Hannah Pescod“It was a pleasure to work with Natalie on ‘Us’. She and her team took everything in their stride – a narrative combining two time periods, with different actors playing the same characters, and a shoot ranging several countries. Her costumes were beautifully specific to character and wonderfully evocative of the era in our 1990s timeline.”

Production Manager – Harriet Staples“I’ve worked with Natalie on countless TV commercials over the last 10 years and honestly can’t find the right words to do justice to how brilliant & creative she is. Whether dressing Actors, SA’s, celebrities or the man himself, Mr Robert De Niro, everyone is treated exactly the same. Be it dressing from the high street, a one off bespoke suit, or recreating the Wizard of Oz, she just has the eye. Her and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with. As a Production Manager I am always safe in the knowledge that Natalie will always be on budget and keep me up to date on any issues that may arise. May our years of work together long continue.”

Actor & Writer – Harry Enfield “Natalie has the eye and the wit to know how to dress a character truthfully. Dressed by her, every actor feels he or she is the character. She gives us confidence in our ability to perform, not with words, but costume. Natalie is a brilliant and talented professional.”

Actor & Writer – Meera Syal“I’ve worked with Natalie for over 20 years on both comedy and drama and she’s just a complete joy on every level, both professionally and personally. Exquisite taste, full of ideas and options, unfailingly cheerful and will never send you onto set feeling anything less than Right and Comfortable, so you can do your best job because she has done hers. “

Actor & Writer – Paul Whitehouse“I’ve worked with Natalie on countless productions from long-running tv comedy sketch series and one-off “specials”, with long time frames, to big ad campaigns and live tours. Nothing phases her and she is always imaginative, inventive, fun, tireless and ready to go the extra mile to make a project really work.”

Another Film Co | Head of Production – Sam George“Natalie never fails to impress with her ability to handle any brief with the perfect mix of creativity and budget awareness. Whether it be dressing a pub full of football supporters wearing bespoke team colours or meticulously creating costumes plucked from Hollywood’s golden era, Natalie always ensures the creative teams ideas become a reality. All this and she’s a joy to work with too.”

Director – Steve Barron“Natalie is a beautiful person who also just happens to be a costume genius. She’s capable of extraordinary nuggets of inspirational ideas. A true asset to production on any scale.”